Pocket Keychain Knife, Kubaton Knife Self Defence Knife Outdoor Tactical Knife for Girl Men & Women (Black)

Pocket Keychain Knife Quality self defense is now at your fingertips. All you need to have the peace of mind and assurance that you are protected at all times is this handy multipurpose knife tool. Yes, you can use it for stabbing and disabling a would-be assailant, but it can also get you out of some other dangerous situations that you might not have considered.  This tool looks like it does one thing, but it actually does several highly important self defense tasks.

As an example, have you ever considered what you would do if you were trapped in your car and needed to escape it quickly? This might be because your car is submerged under water (either upside down or upright), you are trapped by a snow bank in a snow storm and cannot open your car door because of it, or you are being kidnapped and the kidnapper has put the child locks on the car doors so you can’t open them. There are other situations where you might be trapped in your car and need to get out of it quickly, but these are some of the most common.

With this tool, you can smash the glass on virtually any car window in a flash, and be outside of the car where you are safe before you know it. Because this tool is made with quality materials and is highly strong, you can break the car window without having to use much force. Just a quick jab at the glass should do it.

With an aluminum handle and a stainless steel blade, this device is easy to carry for anyone of any age or strength, and it is powerful enough to do what you need it to do with little effort on your part. It is a pocket sized keychain knife, so you can conceal it with ease, and also have it on you at all times without having to remember to bring it with you when you leave the house. The handle also has a non-slip design, so holding onto it will not be an issue, regardless of how you are using it.

Naturally, you can use this tool for stabbing and disabling a potential assailant, and it will do an excellent job at it. Because it is small, they will not see you concealing it or know you are about to use it until you do. Once you are close enough to the assailant to use it, they will be looking at you, anyway, and not at what you are holding in your hand. They will not consider anything that could be a weapon would fit in your hand like this tool does.

In addition, you can also use this quality self defense tool for camping and survival or just usefulness in the woods. It does cutting, slicing, sharpening or sticks, and even chopping just like any regular survival knife. It is easy to carry, and something you will feel good about having on you. Buy one today.

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