Pocket Taser Pepper Spray Kit

Product Features

  • ➠ POCKET MINI STUN GUN TASER: High Voltage Rechargeable Stun Gun With Bright LED Flashlight Feature. Ideal Mini Taser Personal Non Lethal Self Defense Weapon. Easy To Carry And Hold. Compact Design Rubber Coated Grip. Fits In Your Pocket Or Purse And Can Go Where You Go!
  • ➠ PERSONAL POCKET PEPPER SPRAY: Maximum Strength Law Enforcement Formulation Self Defense Spray. Powerful Formulation Includes; CS Pepper Spray, OC Pepper Spray & UV Indentifying Dye. A One Second Quick Burst Will Shoot Up To 12' And Stop An Attacker In Their Tracks. Works Fast And Last For about 1 hour giving you time To get to safety and call for help.
  • ➠ SELF DEFENSE PRODUCTS KIT: The Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons Included In The Kit Are; (1) High Volt Maximum Amperage Mini Taser Flashlight Combo, And (1) .5 oz Keychain Pepper Spray 18% Max Strength Powerful Pocket Size Tear Gas Self Defense Spray Made From A Premium Formula.
  • ➠ SMALL STUN GUN COLOR OPTIONS: The Personal Stun Gun Taser Are Available in Two Color Options. You Can Order The Self Defense Kit With The Mini Stun Gun in Black or Pink. Ideal Non-Lethal Self-Defense Products For Women And Men.
  • ➠ EXCLUSIVE LIFE DEFEND LIFETIME WARANTY: U-Guard Offers A Life Defend Warranty On Stun Guns & Tear Gas Sprays. We Have The Best Industry Warranty Available On Pepper Spray. No Need To Buy Another Pepper Spray When It Expire, Just Exchange It And We Ship You A New One! See Details Below
Price: $28.97
(as of 02/02/2020 07:19 EST - Details)

Product Description

Pocket Taser Pepper Spray Kit

The U-Guard Security Products “Pocket Taser Pepper Spray Kit” is ideal for Women, College Students And Men and is one of the best self defense products you can get. The Small Stun Gun Rubber Coated No Slip Grip Is Perfect For Small Hands For Easy Carry, Use For Concealed Non Lethal Personal Self Defense.

The mini taser packs a punch with a true high volts at 5,000,000+ with a consistent max amperage allowed by law. This personal pocket stun gun will bring an attacker to their knees. This small tazer is the best small rechargeable stun gun Flashlight with built-in AC wall charger. Taser color option – Black or Pink


Pocket Taser Pepper Spray Kit

Product Overview

  •  MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER! – Maximum strength formula, backed by our in-house HPLC Laboratory, guarantees maximum stopping power, eliminated 30% failure rate noted with other brands (Univ. Orf Utah study) – clips easily and securely to a belt, pocket
  • PROTECTION AT A SAFE DISTANCE AGAINST MULTIPLE THREATS Pepper Spray Kit: Impressive 10-foot range & 35 bursts (up to 5x other brands) in a powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blowback – engage more targets from farther away
  • DELIVER PAINFUL STUNNING POWER! – This stun gun delivers an impressive 1.60 (µC) charge (intolerable pain) – this will stop anyone dead in their tracks!
  • DEFEND YOURSELF UP CLOSE or AT A DISTANCE: Extreme brightness delivered by a 120 Lumen LED flashlight that may help disorient an attacker from a distance, possibly allowing you to escape to safety before needing to use the stun gun feature.

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