Taser Ring LED Flashlight Mini Stun Gun Pepper Spray Keychain Self Defense Bundle Kit

Taser Ring LED Flashlight Mini Stun Gun Pepper Spray Keychain Self Defense Bundle Kit


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This is a true multipurpose quality self defense tool. With the taser ring, you get not only tasing capabilities, you also receive a light to guide your way. It is handheld, so it is perfect, discreet protection for yourself or a friend or family member that you can use anytime. Keep it with you while walking the dog, getting in and out of your car, in parking lots, at school, at work, and even at home, wherever home may be.

This is a three finger hand taser ring that acts as a one hundred percent rechargeable stun gun, with non lethal, but definitely painful, stunning capabilities. It is the perfect quality self defense weapon. It is a high voltage instrument, with the maximum milliamps allowed by law, giving you superb personal protection. You can choose from a black or pink taser ring.

Not only does this multipurpose quality self defense tool act as a stun gun, it also acts as pepper spray. This is the Swiss army knife of personal protection tools. The keychain contains the strongest pepper spray tear gas available, in a police grade formula for ideal self defense to have on you at all times. Personal protection is within your hand, whenever you want or need it.

The pepper spray in this tool includes both CS and OC pepper spray, as well as a UV identifying dye, so you will be able to find the person you sprayed with ease (or law enforcement can find them). One shot of this spray reaches from ten to sixteen inches, and is strong enough to disable an assailant for about an hour, which gives you plenty of time to get a safe distance away and call law enforcement to handle the rest.

Because this is a keychain tool, and also one you can carry in your hand, it is stealthy, easily hidden, and offers you the element of surprise with any assailant who crosses your path. You can use it to protect yourself, and anyone who is with you. At three inches long, three inches wide, and one inch thick, and with a weight of only three and a third ounces, this is a quality self defense tool that will easily fit any hand size. This makes it suitable for people of all ages.

There is an exclusive lifetime defend warranty on this product. The company that makes it, U-Guard, offers this guarantee on all of its products, that is how sure it is of the quality they are offering. The company also offers free refills on the pepper spray. You don’t need to buy new pepper spray ever again with this product. Just change it out when/if you run out of it, ship it back to U-Guard, and the company will ship you a new container of it.

It is so important in this day and age to have quality self defense and personal protection products available to you. You just never know when you will need them. It is better to be prepared, than wish you had been. That is why you should buy this product today.

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