TI-EDC Titanium Triangle Keychain Tool

TI-EDC Titanium Triangle Keychain Tool


Materials & Design


Ease of Use






Fit & Finish



  • Relatively non-descript
  • Handmade with craftsmanship quality, sturdy and durable
  • Light weight and small. Fits well in your pocket or keychain
  • Multiple uses beyond self-defense


  • Smaller Than Expected
  • Some Scuffs & Jagged Edges

If you are looking for a convenient method of self defense, that is also quite effective, this is the one. The TI-EDC keychain tool is made by hand, using lightweight titanium, which is also high in strength. This makes for an extremely high quality tool. With its attached rope, it is super easy to carry, making it simple to always have with you. Its small size means it is ideal for anyone to use. Keep it as an everyday quality self defense tool for yourself, or give it as a gift to your wife, teenage daughter, or other friends and family members who you want to keep safe.

You will find that titanium is really the way you want to go with this kind of self defense tool. Titanium is a highly shiny transition metal, which is used widely in the aerospace industry, thanks to its ability to easily handle the harsh conditions of space. It is also used in the medical industry, usually in joint implants and replacements, because it stands up easily to the normal use of the human body (it is also completely non-toxic to humans as an implant), without enduring wear and tear. This metal is practically indestructible.

Titanium also has the highest strength to density ratio of any metal. Its weight is similar to aluminum, but it is stronger than even steel. Other benefits to titanium include its corrosion resistant properties, even in ocean water and pool water; the salt and chlorine do not affect it as they do other metals. Because it is more durable than even the standby of the ancient world, gold, titanium is now a popular metal to be used in designer jewelry.

With all of these benefits going for it, why wouldn’t you want it in your quality self-defense tool?

The TI-EDC brand is well known in the self-defense market. It is a registered trademark name, and the company specializes in making high-quality titanium products, as well as other strong, quality metal products. The company is customer oriented, meaning it strives to provide one hundred percent satisfaction every time, and it backs that up with a guarantee on its products, including this one.

This keychain tool is fifty millimeters long and eight millimeters thick and weighs thirty grams. It is easy to carry, and a must-have tool for personal protection. You will find that you can use this tool for a variety of purposes. Its pointed tips make it excellent for breaking glass. You will want this ability if you are ever trapped in your car and need to escape it quickly. The tips also make wonderful stabbing devices to use on anyone who is trying to harm you….they will do enough damage and cause enough pain to allow you time to get away to safety.

In addition, the holes in the device, along with the rope, let you wrap the device around your wrist to use them as makeshift “brass knuckles.” It is both a survival tool and a quality self-defense tool, and one you will want to have in your arsenal at all times. Get one today.


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